Notice About Stray Dogs in the Community

Notice About Stray Dogs in the Community

Written on 04/08/2019
Fisher River

FRCN Chief and Council have received numerous complaints about the number of stray dogs mauling community members. It is very concerning when they begin to attack our community members, especially our children and our elders.

In order to protect and keep our members safe, please keep your dogs at home, and on a leash if required.

If you have concerns with stray dogs please contact Linda Sinclair who is the contact for dealing with these types of issues. She can be reached at:

Enclosed is a copy of the Bylaw for the control of animals. (ByLaw No. 2017-1 Control of Animals)

Please be aware that FRCN Policing Services and the R.C.M.P. will be contacted if stray dogs are out of control.

Sam Murdock, Director of Operations